This page will primarily feature early Winnipeg car shows and select vehicles & activities
but not to the exclusion of more contemporary street rod meets.
Please remember, we would like to see any snapshots
you may have taken at any of these events.
Should you have old pictures tucked away, perhaps it's time they
saw the light of day again

you never know, you could bring back a good memory for a few folks
contact us
thank you in advance

were you there?

how 'bout this one?
got pictures?

Winnipeg Arena (sigh)

poor photo of 2 familiar cars

with no dragstrip in close proximity, local hotrodders made do with what they had
the Winnipeg Roadsters Car Club sponsored a series of hill climbs
yes, there are hills in western Manitoba

Don Sherwin, aka Sodbuster, having fun

any other photos out there?

back to the car shows, then

webmaster's note, thanks Don

the gang was all there
Wayne Nix and associates gathered around his '40 Ford sedan

ya gotta start somewhere
'50 Ford in the backyard as good a place as any

the following three (3) candid images literally taken from George Andrews' archives

convertible in the works

Monarch more door getting with the program

'51 Ford receives what appears to be possibly a later model Chevy hardtop
R&D department, apparently, still working on new backglass that will fit

Been sitting on this a while
'47 Ford convertible, lowered, full skirts, dechromed, etc.
pretty much a period piece based on the early to mid '50's Manitoba plates
We are having no luck identifying the car nor the people enjoying themselves
your turn now

so, just how did 1968 NHRA Div 5 champion, Ken MacKenzie get his start you ask?
why, with a garden variety flathead in his coupe of course

Ken MacKenzie and friend
Chevy coupe with a Y-block Merc mill (after the flathead)
now there's a twist

Wally Mislan & friends milling around his '60 Pontiac

Wally Mislan's mild custom '60 Parisienne and friend Wayne's 389" Catalina

excerpted from Roadsters Torque Talk newsletter Jan. '61
apparently Wally didn't get the memo about the plaque thing

neither did former club president Al Ducharme, it would seem
Yes, we're betting there is more to the story

as for Brian Buchan, aka Softy, we'll come up with something
a Winnipeg legend, to be certain

Softy, hisself, off the left rear quarter of his well known Olds Caballero

very upsetting, late breaking news has it that Brian Buchan has passed on to that great Speed Shop in the sky. We are certain there a great many vintage Olds parts for him to trip over. Godspeed Brian, or if you wish, Softy, you will be greatly missed.
both already past inductees themselves, Softy and Liz Kitzul
attending a recent event to do with the Manitoba Motorsports Hall of Fame

some mighty impressive company there

Griff Gill sits behind his more contemporary Canadian Pontiac version
flamed Chevy Aerosedan of Frank Fazio parked alongside

here beside Pete Mieres’ 36 coupe
fine lines by Griff's son

Wally Mislan's current 40 Chev sedan and some coffee buddies

a fine example of a '57 Chebby wagon

beautiful model A coupe with the prerequisite flatty

one of the better looking "ugly duckling" 38's we've ever seen

another view of the same fine '38 Ford sedan

this is what we mean by a'40 Ford makin'the show
our definition of the perfect '40 Ford coupe

cute as a button '50 Chebby coupe complete with skirts and visor
for sale, too

Bob Sterner's latest '49 Ford

another Canadian Meteor

gorgeous later model Meteor

freshly minted, as in Brookville re-pop bodied, flathead deuce roadster, anyone?

So, just how do you prefer your flatmotor?
with twin carbs?

maybe triples?

how 'bout an injected Ardun as per Warren Schettler?

best we can do is this Schettler built to order blown item
gotta be something there that strikes your fancy

from the garage scene department
Andy Gatherum’s in process’36 Chevy coupe with tunnel rammed sbc.
pics apparently taken at the Roadmasters Car Club

your basic metalflaked Willys coupe
Winnipeg Roadsters Car Club's hydro equipped gasser

Al Ducharme's bucket T

the same from an local newspaper clipping

As it appeared when it graced the pages of
Rod & Custom magazine as the Winnipeg Wailer
no, the steering wheel is not broken

as it looked more recently being brought back to life

nicely done canted quads

one wonders if Richie was a fisherman ?

tasty flathead in '35 Ford

assymetrical tail lights, what a concept

where to start... the sunken aerials, the rolls & pleats, the audio system ?
one choice '59 Chevy HT

Timers car club display
infamous Hemi Scout up front

Bob Sterner's deuce sedan

an earlier rendition

Speaking of Bob Sterner, here he is on the left at the tender age of 17 with his '40 Ford pick up
Bob Burton (?) protecting the driver's side
thumbs up on the traditional round tube nerf bar

running boards may take some 'splainin' though
17, eh?
boy, those are old pics

Bob Sterner's 70's period deuce roadster

same car, different variation
no top, big headlights, red steelies
tasty, just the way we like 'em

Bob Sterner being well protected, snuggled in between 2 buddies
Orv Elgie would be proud

yes, we've seen this deuce roadster before
looks good everytime, too

speaking of tasty, the legendary Red Top Drive In
hurry back, now

credit where credit is due
gorgeous car

how do you like your coupe?
well done!

good timing, they're still open

deuce coupe sits just right

legally parked and looking fine

apparently when you're in the sand you don't need bumpers

and... some folks never really leave the sandbox

fine '51 coupe has everything working for it

plate says it all again, one smokin' 47 Chebby

let the debate begin
we prefer the stock appearing rad over the fabricated

hey, Buddy, can ya spare a dime?

one word, stance

again, the plate should tell you all you need to know

the late Dale Gilson never met a car he couldn't / wouldn't chop
Also well known for putting louvers in things.

3 window coupe, 1932 vintage

very nice '55 sedan

no Buz in sight

Tod was a no show, as well
vette played quite well without them regardless

brother Wayne's gently used one owner '87 Buick Grand National

dunno what a late model with a hairdryer is doing with this group
Project X revisited
'57 wagon gets Wayne's attention when he's not polishing the Buick road sedan

coming along nicely

Question: were there ever any Corvettes in the family?
Answer: yeah, a couple.
mostly brother Wayne's

the 60 was his favorie,btw
taking in the scenery on the way home from America

if you don't like this colour on a '64, wait a moment

yes, there is a story here, but why ruin a beautiful day

black, white? It's a Corvette.

we're betting you didn't notice youngest brother in behind on mini bike

if you're gonna have a '67 vette, might as well have a red one with whitewalls

yes, it's pretty

and has a lot of technology

but with that suspension, try to drive it around the perimeter

younger brother Darrel also got into the act
here with award winning '72 454 along with a matching smallblock
got pics somewhere, but...

same car, new owner.
Art Schultz of Oakbank has one of the nicer lawn ornaments in town

visiting cottage country and Dave Malby with his immaculate Merc

Evelyn Yarn agrees, they don't come much cleaner and straighter than this
still needs wide whites though, Dave

Friend and former co-worker Doug Cox, after much searching, finally snagged his dream car, an all original, immaculate
1968 Chevrolet Impala 427" 4 speed 2 dr. HT in butternut yellow
looking for all the world like it just came off the showroom floor

When last we heard, Dougie still had and was enjoying his prized find.
Photos from Winnipeg Free Press article

Not to be out done, local enthusiast Mike Langrell's sanitary, all original '68 427 Caprice

Mike's better half, Marni, claims ownership of this fine '55 210 wagon
it doesn't go too far off the compound, used for the occasional yard chore around the homestead

Also in the stable is Mike's very clean '46 Ford pick me up

As if having a big block Caprice at his disposal isn't enough
Mike also likes to keep up with modern technology
To wit, one C6 Lingenfelter convertible
Michael is the guy behind the wheel with the grin on his face

And there you have it, one basic Lingenfelter powerplant
complete mit der kompressor
Mike is the most down to earth, hard working man you could ever hope to meet
I know first hand just how compassionate, caring and helpful he truly is
he asks for nothing in return
salt of the earth comes to mind here

upcoming St. Vital curling club car show photos courtesy of Bob Sterner

speaking of curling, if you'll indulge us, we recently lost a good one
Errol Klinck has left us.
Godspeed, Colonel
Our regrets and condolences to family and close friends
for not being in the congregation to help send you off.

you will be missed

with that said, back to your regular programming

Cam Winders' 3 window coupe with a familar deuce sedan in behind

Chapman and Hoglund Fiat firmly planted on the ground

interesting street 5 window coupe
apparently owned by Blair Bristow and then sold to Ed Leskiw in the early 70’s

what's a car show without a '40 Ford ?
Jim Black's fine example fits the bill nicely
yes, he still has the car

Bob Sterner's deuce sedan notwithstanding, we would like info on the two 3 window coupes in back

also, the current owner is trying to find the history on the car shown below
probably built in the '50s/early ‘60s
was seen in Onanole Mb. many years ago
but is believed to have been built in Wpg.

ring any bells?
contact us

Al Ducharme profiling after turning his Model A cabriolet into a roadster

the roadster all dressed up with it's lipstick on

and out for a spin

Al Ducharme in his element

Currently seeking photographs and / or info on the following:

* Paul Lemieux's '61 Pontiac mild custom from the Nomads Car Club
* George Hepburn's street / strip '56 Mercury from St. Vital

this is not George's car however it would look similar but with a 430" Lincoln for motivation

Not to be outdone, Brandon,MB enthusiasts had their own contingency
Rickshaws Car Club one of the better known

previously, the club was known as the Igniters

to the best of Norm Milne's recollection
here are the names of a few members
Bob Sebastion, Clarence Foster, Ron Kuharski, Don Ditchfield, Pete Pochynok,
Jim Devries, Hank Barnes,Keith Howden, Gareth Boys, Jim Brown, Lorne Ewasiak,
Richard McCullagh Jack Denbow, Len Westwood
and of course, Norm Milne.

everybody loves a parade
in this case, it was the Travellers day parade for the Brandon summer fair

Norm Milne's deuce sedan was flat towed by Pete Pochnyok in his Caprice
hence, the tow bar

It wasn't long after the excitement had died down that the club disbanded
fun while it lasted

Mr. Lucky hisself, Norm Milne

rod & custom, go figure

fine '57 Chev droptop of Brandon's own Jim DeVries and Bob Sebastion's '34 Chev coupe

clean '40 Ford pickup with a surprise under the hood
also a product of Jim DeVries

complete '56 Corvette engine assembly fit between the 40's fenders nicely

choice '56 Ford HT of Clarence Foster

Clarence Foster, again, with his popular, award winning Li'l Pokey '58 Chev custom
thought to be out of Winnipeg
anybody know of it's original builder

Al Ducharme made the trek to Brandon with his bucket T

As did this unusual chopped VW
built by Don Ditchfield, said to be now owned by Jim Brown of European Auto in Brandon

Walter Nachbauer journeyed from Selkirk with his "Northerner" gas dragster

also joining in the calvacade from Keystone Dragways was the late Brian Hansel

Bill Balicky and Bob Buccini with the promising beginnings of the Colour Machine dragster

Brian Hansel's pretty, and fast, dragster
Soon to be NHRA C/D National Record Holder with partners Bill Balicky and Don Sherwin
Also in attendance were Reg Wood with his inline Bantam altered and Ernie Willm's Deuce altered

legend has it the Rickshaws held two indoor car shows in 1967 and '68
with Norm's Deuce as a participant in 1968

Not one to rest on his laurels, Norm is still actively involved.
with the admirable upholstery on the seats done by well respected George Blais
Norm finished the rest of the interior of his 4dr Deuce hisownself
Nicely done, both

and,if that isn't enough...
Norm's 3 window deuce coupe
about as close to perfection as you're gonna get

Bill Powell's fine '54 Chev rumbles down the road nicely with it's 292" stovebolt

probably sounds better from this end

World of Wheels was a good debut for Jaime and Shirley Ogden's very tidy '59 El Camino

a proud couple and rightfully so

clean and comfy
nicely done, folks

Norm Milne chopped '37 Ford sedan

look what the Easter bunny brought this young lady
Btw, tell her Jamie says hello

a few images from an 80's Manitoba Street Rod Association St. Vital Centre meet

Norm Milne being chased by Liz Kitzul's T

Gary Rozmus Model A roadster pick up
previously seen in Double Fours garage scene

ever cheerful Liz Kitzul gives us a wave

Jim Robinson's fine Willys

MSRA '46 Ford giveaway car from the 80's

and for the Mopar faithful we give you Don Daley's '38 Dodge

Irv Rempel's '47 Mercury coupe

Griff Gill's '34 Ford, just like the plate says

speaking of which
late 70’s with “the 34 Ford Boys” (all 2 doors)
L to R – Griff Gill, Darwin Knopp, Marv Ginter & Doug Bodnar

Sara and Marv Ginter's '34 sedan joined by his brother Vic's '31 Model A coupe
a scenic image indeed, nice

Thx, Marv

from the 70's archives of Marv Ginter comes this snap of Gary Eslinger's 3 window coupe
last we heard the current owners unchanneled the body and added a hood and full fenders
car is still around

Marv dug deeper into the shoebox and came up with his first hot rod effort
by his own admission crude by todays standards, I934 Ford 3 wdw coupe which Marv drove the wheels off
Go easy on yourself, Marv, some of us never get out of the planning stages
you never know, chrome radshells and cycle fenders might make a comeback yet.
you did good, remember, folks, this was in the beginning of the 70's
we've been spoiled over the last 50 years
Thanks for sharing, Marv

and, for something a bit more contemporary
Marv and Sara's clean '52 Ford HT
nicely done, folks

more of the '52 and friends

even more of the '52 and a friend

that's it for now with the fine '52 and friends

careful now, Marv. Might start a trend around here.
I do know of a Chevy Aerostar running round town
with a similar, not the same, paint scheme.
dunno where you folks come up with all the ambition

son Darren keeping Dad, Bob Blanchette's '53 looking good

Handsome Bob hisself enjoying a pleasant outing

you might recognize the car a bit better now
you can just imagine Col. Parker in back adding up all the royalties

even webmasters have to get out of the bunker sometimes

Brother Wayne does the honors
didn't spill a drop
Bob Blanchette captured the moment
My thanks, gentlemen

the late Craig Hamel's unique 30's Terraplane

Jim Robinson's cleaner than most '48 Chebby coupe

as the sun sets, nothing wrong with an in process deuce with dog dish caps

proving that old habits die hard
who wants this rotten shell of a '64 Impala soft top?
pick me, sez a brave Norm Milne, pick me

can't keep a good man down
kudos to Mr. Milne

Sara and Marv Ginter's fine pair of sedans
Marv says they had to build one for each of the kids who had become of age
uh huh, sure Marv

this is a fine example of a stock '49 / '50 Mercury

this is not a Mercury, it is a Meteor
Canadians will understand this

just your everyday view off the back deck
roving reporter, Marv Ginter, offered this info
Deuce belonged to Ron Early in the (wait for it) early ‘70s
car ran cycle fenders in front and no hood
chrome front axle & spring, chrome radius rods & backing plates
dunno 'bout the '55

the starting point?


full frontal

and, from the rear

if you have photos, stories or any info to add to any of these pages
please don't hesitate
contact us

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Bill Balicky's Monarch

Bill Balicky Part Two

John Dubois and Towne Pontiac

lights on

not likely anybody home, though

more to come, honest