John Dubois / Towne Pontiac

Now, here's a good question for you...
if you were a young automotive enthusiast living in Winnipeg in the 60's
and your father just happened to be president of a local Pontiac dealership
what would you do?

why, of course
you'd send dear old Dad down to Michigan to talk with Milt Schornack at Royal Pontiac
which is exactly what John Dubois did

with the result being...

John Dubois and Towne Pontiac's Rambunctious Birds were prominent and popular competitors

Frank Lenord (l) and John Dubois, himself, after a late night / early morning thrash

John, Tom Donaghy and Frank Lenord with car loaded up and ready to go racin'
few racers manage to run a car totally on their own
John credits unsung Kevin Love, Bruce Thomson, and Ron Maurer, among others, for their invaluable assistance

John took great delight in beating up on friend Barry Steves and this Park Pontiac sponsored 'bird

John tells us the '68 Firebird ran a best of 12.18 off a 12.23 record

Although not readily identified as such, we suspect this '69 model is Rambunctious #2
We do know Richard Wood took the photo and it is the only one we've ever seen of this particular car

Rambunctious III heralded in the Firebird's new body style

Towne's racing exploits got good coverage in one of the automotive dealership industry's publications

Winnipeg's famous landmark, Assiniboia Downs, was the backdrop for the photo
and yes, we think that helmet says "Skid Lid", too
car set the NHRA H stock record @ 12:07 and was capable of more

at some point, Towne stepped up to Super Stock

John and the Love brothers teamed up on this '60 Chevrolet super stocker running 15 flat
impressive given the 283 2 barrel and 3 speed stick combination

Kevin Love hanging on for dear life as Bill Balicky keenly observes
we'll leave it to you to determine why NHRA eventually banned this practise

John's favorite photo and understandably so
great leave was caught by well known west coast photographer, Rich Carlson, at Mission Raceway in B.C.
John met and beat northwest Mopar heavy hitter, Dave Wren, in the finals 2 weeks running
the '65 Chevelle ran a .03 under 12.12 while there

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