Bill Balicky is, indeed, the namesake of Bill's Speed Centre
His fine Monarch custom gained a racy friend
Enter the Bob Buccini driven "Colour Machine"

Bill Balicky taking care of one end of business @ the track

Bob Buccini doing the same up front

a lesson in civics

a thank you letter to Bill from then track manager Don Rempel

when help was needed, many folks including one William (Bill) Balicky stepped up

after great success with the Colour Machine
Bill partnered with Brian Hansell and Don Sherwin on yet another dragster

even more success followed with the setting of the NHRA national record @ Tulsa

left to right, Bill, Don, and Brian with NHRA Division 5 director Darrell Zimmerman

after a few years of operating his speed shop out of his St. Vital home
Bill made it official with new digs on St. Mary's Rd.

Dragon imagery by Don Berthman, aka Donut, from an original design by "Demo"
All, of course, suggested and encouraged by one Bill Balicky

Bill's Speed Centre ... your drag'n centre

and received recognition from industry publications

we are not privvy to all the details (nor do we need to be)
but prior to the 1971 season Keystone gained a new owner and a new name
It would be known thereafter as Bison Dragways with Mr. Balicky at the helm

Bill continued with whatever PR work and support he could lend to the sport
and also sponsored several local racers, not the least of which
being Donnie Chapman and Jim Hoglund's new era altered.

As reported elsewhere, impending Trans Canada pipeline construction
which would severely disrupt any racing activity
prompted a serious re-thinking of further activity at the track
the unfortunate result being a total shutdown of operations and subsequent sale of the property in 1977
people regrouped and carried on in their own fashion

"and, so it went" to quote Linda Ellerbee

before we forget
Yes, that is Bill on the business end of that broom

job well done, William
thank you for your efforts

William enjoying a recent Manitoba Motorsports Hall of Fame event
have a seat, Bill, you've earned it.

and then, sadly
our heartfelt condolences to Jeannine and family

Godspeed, William

Bill Balicky's Monarch

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