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Modern era vehicles of interest to the enthusiast will not be neglected,
however, the focus will be on earlier examples

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and, there you have it
29 miles east of Winnipeg
Keystone / Bison Dragways
Dave Archer aerial photo looking south towards Trans Canada Hwy

looking north

in the tower lane we have Jim Hoglund leaving in his '60 Corvette
Takin' care of business as the flag starter, Freddie Turner, of BTO rock & roll fame
but who belonged to the fine Chevelle ragtop in the spectator lane?
couldn't have been that many SS Chevelles around at that time

Don Chapman and Jim Hoglund
Donnie Chapman up
no, really

Chapman and Hoglund Fiat pitside

Chapman and Hoglund Fiat pitside again
taking a page out of the Surfers handbook with '55 Chebby push car

early Chapman and Hoglund in sparse pit area

Dougie Curtis with inline six cylinder 4 speed combo Anglia

Winnipeg Roadsters car club's Willys coupe

well done Pasqaule', we knew you could do it
Bob Buccini
well deserved 2019 inductee into the Manitoba Motorsports Hall of Fame

Marquis Car Club
Cam McCallum and friends

in light of what this website is all about and the untimely passing of Brian "Softy" Buchan
we offer you this piece of history

originally built by Ken Murray and Dennis Neelin, known to his pals as Leroy Montana,
this was the genesis of the Thrushmobile gasser
the original engine was quickly pulled and sold to a local service station for their jeep
many variations followed but this is where it all started.

Sneaky Pete, right here in River City
set the track record, no less

Connie Kalitta caught wind of that and made an appearance
got rained out, I believe

proving that people actually read this website
Morley Last from Steinbach Mb sent in these images of his fine G/S 1970 Mach I
car ran a 351 Cleveland 4 speed combination and took home it's share of class trophies

nicely done and we thank you, Morley
that's how it's done, folks
anybody else?

early Tom Hoover, perhaps with a Rod Stuckey chassis

still don't know who this is or what province Winapeg was in
Softy would approve of the tow car, though

Early makings of a funny car
Jim Malstead turning wrenches, If we recall

Weight Transfer about to do battle with Ken MacKenzie's '55 gasser
remember dry hops?

We had our share of high winding small blocks
2 perfect examples right here
Len Penner's '55 Mauve Stove above

and Stan Neuman's '56 Little Green Bag

Warren Schettler, decidedly of blue oval persuasion

Hemi Cuda with a storied past


Hemi Daytona

Minnesota's Richard Charbonneau's Fairlane putting down a footprint

ever wonder how Strange Engineering came by it's name?
Now you know

Another fine example of a nito injected funny car from the Chicago area
The group put on quite an enjoyable show

Bill Schifsky fuel dragster from Minneapolis


Bill Schifsky and associate making good use of a Windsor Park parking lot
photos courtesy of Al Chorley

this one's for McCallum
Scott Wilson SOHC Ford fuel car

Studebaker Hawk had a 409" W engine between the fenders? yes? no?

guardrails? we don't need no stinking guardrails
with apologies to Treasure of the Sierra Madre

no words here, great image

up close and personal with the Colour Machine

Roadsters Car Club dragster
Ernie Willms standing behind, on the left

Jed Ladin launching factory 427 '69 Camaro

Hot Sauce push car

DuWayne Engness from Fargo
also owner of Taco Shop restaurant hence the name

many of the previous images courtesy of Dale Olnick
again, my thanks, Dale

C/MP designation tells us there is more than a stock 283 under the hood of this '59 Chevy

Ken MacKenzie getting angry

A fine example of Imperial Customs paintwork out of Tulsa
ala Minnesotan John Hagen
John Hagen had excellent taste
altered from out Alberta way, we believe

the time honored (and time wasting) dragster push start & turnaround
fondly remembered by some of us

all leading up to something like this

but before they could do that, they had to do this

smoke 'em if you got 'em

the original Chi-town Hustler
Austin Coil, hisself, in house and turning the wrenches

the not so original Jungle Jim
JJ was so popular he contracted others to run in his colours to make all his bookings
Sadly, never did see Jungle Pam nor even a reasonable facsimilie
Marc Sussman was the designated driver here for JJ

still no Pam but we do have Bill Balicky's well optioned wagon in the background

Frank Ogelsby showin' them both how it's done

More quality from Jim Swedberg

Lorne Cameron's take on a car with a storied past @ Keystone
and yes, Virginia, it is still around

the late Dennis Neelin (standing), aka Leroy Montana, who partnered with Ken Murray on the original car
kept up the tradition with help from folks like Warren Schettler
photo was taken @ Gimli
car is still here

yet another rendition
photo courtesy of Glenn Dickson

bantam altereds were a popular item

Bob Forzley, the man to see for chassis work in this town
I do hope I spelt his name right, he does swing a mean hammer
don't ask me how I know this

Gopher State Timing Association
no, you are not seeing double, there really are 2 Chrysler hemis in that car

another Glenn Dickson photo

might fit better in the big door at the end

more images from Glenn Dickson

Gary Beck boiling the hides

Len Penner now with "Blue Lightning" Camaro

Warren Johnson launching

we still don't know where Winnepeg is
regardless, local competitors could hold their own on a national level
still can
Bob Bueckert's fresh Duster pro stock car

get your groceries delivered in a hurry

'63 Plymouth about to chase what appears to be City Radiator's '59 Chevy stocker

your basic 427" Fairlane
Minnesota's Richard Charbonneau paid a visit

some things never change
hurry up and wait

yes,the lettering says Keystone
but that is Joe Amato's top fuel car @ Brainerd

a little Altona landing strip action

and some Gimli pit imagery for good measure

Scott Murray guiding the family dragster

and, then some

street driven '69 Firebird TA

"67 Chevelle definitely involved with the program

not all that nostalgic 20 year old pic from Brainerd
catchy name, though
it'll come to you

Rick Domanski's Chevelle not only launches just right

but it appears Rick would have the after race libations covered, as well

Al Chorley / Brad Kendal's '33 Ford coupe?
we believe this is the coupe in question under Al Chorley ownership
but, we could be wrong

flathead powered here

this would be the Double Four's shop in south St. Vital
Gary Rozmus' roadster pickup in back, the shiny 427 Chevrolet engine on the far left
found it's way between the '33 coupe's framerails

Brad Kendal with the coupe now under big block Chevrolet power

and, what might that be on the spectator side?

a poor scan of local artist, Don Berthman, aka Donut's caricature

anybody have further history on the Chorley / Kendal car?
it is our understanding the coupe made it's way out west
we have had contact with Brad's nephew, Keith, and yes the coupe did end up in BC
more details to follow

We believe this to be Dave King's dragster
just an educated guess, could be wrong

before we had the rug pulled out from under us we had asked for info on this '60 Corvette
Jim Hoglund tells us the car belonged to Dave King before he built the dragster
King Texaco rings a bell
in another long lost e-mail we were told it has since been fully rebuilt,
finished in yellow and was again attending local events
a local construction company comes to mind
hmmm... one wonders

it should come as no surprise former drag racers returned to street rods, note plate

another case in point below

Winnipeg's answer to "the Surfers"
Timers Car Club dragster
Gord Forman, Bob Sterner and Ron Vincent having fun

Timers alumni Gord Forman and Bob Sterner gathering items after a bit of agricultural racing

"We were having the time of our lives and we didn't know it!" - Bob Sterner

Bob Sterner's '49 Ford coupe

Gord Forman's 38 (?) Pontiac sedan

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Bill Balicky's Monarch

Bill Balicky Part Two

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John Dubois and Towne Pontiac